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Beginners Guide To Real Estate Investing - 1575: Long Term Passive Renting Vs Short Term Passive Renting

Jimmy Vibert
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A presentation explaining the differences between renting out a property by utilizing the Long Term Renting strategy vs the Short Term Renting Strategy.

Long Term Renting: Finding and locating a tenant to rent out a property/room for the long term (12 month duration or more)

Short Term Renting Strategy: Finding and locating guest to rent out a property/room for short term (min. 1 day stays to 30+ days)

After reviewing this course you will:

-Understand the different strategies for real estate investing

-Understand what steps to take to set up an investment property

-Understand how to create another income stream with real estate investing

-Understand the team you need to put in place to have a successful investment property

I want this!

-Full Presentation of Long Term Renting vs Short Term Renting.


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